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Toxic black mold also needs materials to be very wet for at least a week before it can begin to grow. So if you’ve had a flood or a large water leak that went unnoticed then there is an increased likelihood that toxic black mold could be in your home.
In practice, I think both of these tests can be used successfully as screening tools, but the OCST offered by has the advantage of full display calibration, which allows for accurate results across any device (helpful in re-testing and tracking progress if the patient is re-taking the test on an iPad, for example, if the original test was done on a laptop computer).
Never EVER use bleach for cleaning mold – it will make the problem worse. Mold remediation should be done by professionals. Your symptoms does sound like mold illness aka CIRS. Best way forward is to get the bloodwork done to see if you have CIRS (see list on To evaluate the house you could consider doing an ERMI test which you can buy from
Molds cause biodegradation of natural materials, which can be unwanted when it becomes food spoilage or damage to property. They also play important roles in biotechnology and food science in the production of various foods, beverages, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and enzymes. Some diseases of animals and humans can be caused by certain molds: disease may result from allergic sensitivity to mold spores, from growth of pathogenic molds within the body, or from the effects of ingested or inhaled toxic compounds (mycotoxins) produced by molds.[1]
The original publication about pulmonary hemorrhage fueled concerns and speculation about the health effects of Stachybotrys chartarum, or “black mold”. “Black mold” is indeed unsightly, but has not been identified as a cause of human illness.
When you’re done using any of these methods you may want to finish up with baking soda, a natural disinfectant. Spray the area with a mixture of 1/2 tsp baking soda and a cup of water. Scrub the area clean and rinse with water. If you use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide then finish with baking soda you’ll be sure to get all the mold with this double attack on it!
Toxic black mold is a greenish-black gelatinous mold. It is usually slimy because of a wet layer on the top. However if a toxic black mold colony’s water source runs out it can appear dry and powdery.
Outdoors, fungi break down organic matter, including leaves, grass clippings, and dead trees. The fungi themselves constitute a large mass of material with many types of spores. These spores vary with the material on which they are found, the season, and the weather. At any given time, the same types of spores are found indoors because they enter through doors and windows and on clothing and shoes.
Most important: Fix the underlying issue. “Mold is not the problem. It’s an indicator of a moisture problem,” says Kurt Salomon, president of the American Society of Home Inspectors. “You can get rid of the mold but if you don’t address the leaky pipes, high humidity and water intrusion, the mold will come back.”
Take the appropriate safety measures to keep yourself safe. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles and importantly, don an air mask to prevent mold spores from getting into your lungs. If you intend to use a cleaning solution that contains bleach, wear protective outerwear in order to safeguard your clothing against stains.
Molds produce irritating substances that may act as allergy causing substances (allergens) in sensitive individuals. Furthermore, some molds produce toxic substances known as mycotoxins, but mold itself is not poisonous or toxic. The term “toxic mold,” therefore, refers to the fact that certain kinds of mold can produce mycotoxins. The conditions under which some molds produce toxins are poorly understood, and the presence of mold, even a mold that is capable of producing toxins, does not always imply that toxins are being produced or that a health risk or problem is present. Mold may not cause any health problems, or it may lead to allergy or other symptoms in people, including adults and children, who are sensitive to molds.
I have moved out last year November, lost 12 kilos in weight, now weigh 38 kilos in total, auto-immune disease, stomach ulcers, pneumonia, vomiting, gastro, painful intestines, weakness and tired all the time, severe restless legs, severe headaches, sinus, confusion, cramps in whole body, from face, spasms to spasms in fingers, hands, feet, toes etc. Joint pain. Many more symptoms. Doctors keep looking to find what is wrong,, loosing more by the week, getting weaker by the week, and no-one has any answers,
Consider switching to liquid or powder detergent if you are using pacs. Especially in HE washers, the pac wrapper may not dissolve completely and a gooey residue can be deposited onto and around the seals, which can allow mold to grow.
I have never heard of these methods to get rid of black mold, I always thought that a professional had to be brought in to remove it. Thank you for the tips. I will certainly pass these tips along to other family members.
Does anyone out there know how to interpret the neuroquant brain volume report? Trying to normalize my results to compare them to the controls / subjects in Shoemakers paper is not entirely clear. Thanks.
Montelukast. Montelukast (Singulair) is a tablet taken to block the action of leukotrienes — immune system chemicals that cause allergy symptoms such as excess mucus. It has proved effective in treating allergic asthma, and it’s also effective in treating mold allergy.
Start spraying liberal amounts of the solution on the black molds. Replenish the spray bottle and spray once more until all of the circular patterns have been soaked. Allow the solution to sit for about 15 minutes in order for the molds to die completely.
To date, a possible association between acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage among infants and Stachybotrys chartarum (Stachybotrys atra) has not been proved. Further studies are needed to determine what causes acute idiopathic hemorrhage.
Thanks Chris for the excellent article. I am an 11-3-52b, and lyme was the trigger for me followed by a huge environmental mold hit. Healthy and strong until this happened. Glad that you have integrated this into your practice. I’m currently in treatment, but it’s a long process. God bless.
Did rounds of empty washing with bleach; didn’t help. Used vinegar. It didn’t help either. It’s very difficult to pull back the inner gasket, but I could see black sludge oozing out of the grooves. I’m so grossed out. I’ve been washing everything by hand.
Always wear protective gloves and eye wear when cleaning mold. Make sure you cover the skin of your arms as well as your hands. You should also wear a respirator or mask designed for work with mold spores. A N-95 respirator is available online or at some hardware stores. To increase ventilation, open windows to let fresh air inside.
Cover the area with plastic sheeting. As you work, mold spores could break free from the drywall. To prevent them from finding their way into the flooring, cover the flooring and anything in the surrounding area with plastic sheeting. Tape the sheeting in place.
I had a walk in closet full of mold, I used borax and a scrub brush to remove it,you could see the crystals it left behind on the shelf inside there. This was for a elderly woman. I liked the fact it emitted no fumes and was easy to administer(spray bottle) and it also got rid of the modly smell.
Working on 1970 camper and foam seating/ bed appear to have mold . Presently washing covering borax but what about foam . I intend to recover in vinial later. What to do now will anything penitents 5 inch thick foam thanks
If you would like to talk with other people about what worked for them and what they did to help themselves, feel free to join Dr. Short-Ray’s facebook group called, The Toxic Mold Support Group. In this group you can converse with others who have been through the same thing on a private members only Facebook group page. This group has over 4500 members and is growing rapidly. Go to the Support web page. Just go to and ask to join the Toxic Mold Support Group.
I also have the mould problem on the rubber seal. Just like all of you, I have tried everything to keep it from happening to no avail. I had the smell in the machine despite leaving the door open – couldn’t get rid of it no matter what I did. I have recently stopped using fabric softner and use vinegar in the final rinse – no smell. Haven’t had a chance to tackle the mold, but at least the smell isn’t there.
This is the first time in my life that I have had this problem. My mom, in Italy, never had this problem; that’s why I chose the front loader. In my 22 years of marriage, and three kids and a dog, I have done quite a bit of washing. Lately, I am grossed out from it. I have been trying some of these methods with no result. Help, please?
Moisture and Mold Prevention and Control Tips When water leaks or spills occur indoors — ACT QUICKLY. If wet or damp materials or areas are dried 24-48 hours after a leak or spill happens, in most cases mold will not grow. Clean and repair roof gutters regularly. Make sure the ground slopes away from the building foundation, so that water does not enter or collect around the foundation. Keep air conditioning drip pans clean and the drain lines unobstructed and flowing properly. Keep indoor humidity below 60 percent (ideally between 30 and 50 percent). If you see condensation or moisture collecting on windows, walls or pipes ACT QUICKLY to dry the wet surface and reduce the moisture/water source. Condensation can be a sign of high humidity. Learn more about actions that will help to actions to reduce humidity and help prevent condensation. Learn More about Mold and Moisture Prevention and Control
However, several of these cleaning agents are highly toxic to use indoors – so be careful. And, great care should also be taken to ensure that your work area is well ventilated and a respirator and gloves are worn while killing black mold in your home.
“An acute and chronic, systemic inflammatory response syndrome acquired following exposure to the interior environment of a water-damaged building with resident toxigenic organisms, including, but not limited to fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes and mycobacteria as well as inflammagens such as endotoxins, beta glucans, hemolysins, proteinases, mannans and possibly spirocyclic drimanes; as well as volatile organic compounds.
There are certainly others and a really good site to visit if you need specifics on different mold groups and the relevant species nested within each group is
I live in a housing complex and we have mold I clean the walls in the shower with Bleach. My Husband was a maintenance worker here and he did alot of repairs in the job Tearing down walls etc, He now has memory problems confusion nervousness etc. they say it is stages of Alzheimer’s. I am always tired and we at home seem very irritable can our symptoms be related to the mold? also can we get an air purifier? will that help? what can we use at home to help with the air quality? I always have our ac’s on on fan cycle.

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