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A solution of detergent and warm water can be used to scrub surface mold off non-porous surfaces. Although detergent itself doesn’t kill mold, if the mold is on non-porous materials then the solution doesn’t need to kill it as long as you completely clean away all the mold on the surface.
1) Are you seeing a connection of the CIRS lab values and HLA mutations to other issues such as heavy metal toxicity? 2) If CIRS labs are out of range with HLA gene mutation and had a long-term past WDB exposure, can you recover without protocol over time? Will the labs remain out of range without treatment?
I called Labcorp and was told that “HLA DR 1345 DQ Intermediate” in the lavender tube is $600. Is that the right test? I haven’t been able to figure that out on, and haven’t found anything about the circumstances under which my doctor can code the test so it will be covered by insurance.
As part of routine building maintenance, buildings should be inspected for evidence of water damage and visible mold. The conditions causing mold (such as water leaks, condensation, infiltration, or flooding) should be corrected to prevent mold from growing.
Series Description: Mildew can cause clothes to smell, so the best way to get rid of mildew and its odor is to soak the clothes in a mixture of vinegar and water. Discover ways to use vinegar in washing machines and more with help from a professional house cleaner in this free video series housecleaning tips.
In order for you to receive shots the mold allergen that is affecting you needs to be identified. Also, you might need to take shots regularly for months or even years for them to remain effective. Like other medications, shots don’t cure allergies, they just increase your tolerance to allergens and therefore lessen the symptoms of an allergic reaction.
Cutting-edge, while more expensive mold remediation methods may include, using ice pellets or sand and walnut shells to blast mold away from your basement walls and removing mold in your attic from the wood sheathing and overhead beams.
Mold professionals use “negative air” containment, which is created by positioning blower fans and using air pressure machines to bring clean air into the contaminated space and push contaminated air outside the home.
No this is not true. If you are among the 25% of the population that is susceptible to mold, your body has a hard time getting the toxins out of the system. Unless you are in an extremely pristine environment, you are not likely get better. Binders such as Cholestyramine are needed, in addition to being in a mold free environment. I would suggest going to a different doctor, e.g. one of the Shoemaker certified one (complete list on
If you have a mold problem in your home you are probably suffering several of the symptoms of mold. In fact many people suffer symptoms from mold and don’t even realize it, instead assuming their symptoms are from hay fever or a cold.
Even if there is no longer mold in your home a build up of mold spores can still cause allergic symptoms and can also lead to new mold growth. Vacuum and clean regularly to minimize allergy-causing spores.
Various artists have used mold in various artistic fashions. Daniele Del Nero, for example, constructs scale models of houses and office buildings and then induces mold to grow on them, giving them an unsettling, reclaimed-by-nature look. Staci Levy sandblasts enlarged images of mold onto glass, then allows mold to grow in the crevasses she has made, creating a macro-micro portrait.[24] Sam Taylor-Johnson has made a number of time-lapse films capturing the gradual decay of classically arranged still lifes.[25]
The advice I got from Dr. Ackerley is to buy the “swiffer cloth” HERTSMI test from She said not to trust anything else at this point. Use the cloth to wipe surfaces in all rooms – top of bookshelves, doors etc. Places that don’t get cleaned often. When the results come back you can decide if you want to pay extra to get full ERMI results. This is significantly cheaper than having an inspector come and gives you a good first indication of where you stand. I am waiting for our results at the moment.
Karie Fay earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in law from the University of Arkansas at Monticello. After growing up in construction and with more than 30 years in the field, she believes a girl can swing a hammer with the best of them. She enjoys “green” or innovative solutions and unusual construction.
Changing the filter is an essential part of keeping dust out of the air and preserving the life of the machine. Change the filter once it’s showing wear and tear or every six months if you’re using a HEPA filter.
Too many preventable accidents have happened when combining 2 or more cleaning agents together. Often enough, this occurred because the user (although well intentioned) did so to create a stronger cleaning agent for the job at hand.
Getting rid of black mold with tea tree oil is an extremely effective method. Tea tree is an essential oil that is safe for people and pets. It is more expensive than vinegar but a few teaspoons go a long way. I’ve used it successfully on a small area of the rug and a moldy shower curtain.
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You can scrub away the surface mold common to bathrooms, decks and siding in a matter of minutes with a 1-to-8 bleach/water mold cleaner solution as one way on how to remove mold. But often mold grows and spreads in places you don’t notice, until you spot surface staining, feel mushy drywall or detect that musty smell.
Black mold can be an expensive and potentially unhealthy problem for homeowners, but by testing for black mold, you can know for sure if you’ll need to take steps to eradicate black mold from your home.
Is there any landscaping challenges on the outside wall? For instance, a low depression with a bad gutter system or heavy mulch and organic material (add a little bit of precipitation) will quickly pile up the water table in small areas where the rain cannot evaporate and drain-off. And, if stucco is present, then the excessive moisture will settle in behind it with the inner wall providing a source for continuous mold growth.
The perfect choice for this retro-style kitchen, natural linoleum has been popular for over 100 years. It is made from all raw materials, including linseed oil, resins and wood flour. Natural linoleum is often used in hospitals because its bactericidal properties stop microorganisms from multiplying and it is easy to clean.
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If the wood you’re dealing with is either painted or stained, that means the mold has not penetrated. You can therefore stick to a mild cleaning solution—a simple mixture of dishwashing detergent and warm water. Dip a soft-bristled scrub brush into the soapy water you’ve prepared, then gently go over the moldy area. If you get unsatisfactory results, opt for vinegar, an effective mold killer. With a spray bottle filled with vinegar, spritz the mold and then let the vinegar sit for an hour to work its magic. Once enough time has elapsed, proceed to wipe down the wood with a clean, damp towel. Inspect the wood for any remaining mold, and if you don’t see any, wipe the wood down with a rag.
Always wear protective gloves and eye wear when cleaning mold. Make sure you cover the skin of your arms as well as your hands. You should also wear a respirator or mask designed for work with mold spores. A N-95 respirator is available online or at some hardware stores. To increase ventilation, open windows to let fresh air inside.
It is not possible to predict the degree of severity of the health risks associated with mold in the home. Allergic individuals vary in their degree of susceptibility to mold, and any symptoms and health risk may also depend upon the extent and exact type of mold that is present.
Kill mold with white vinegar. Concentrated white vinegar can be used for heavy mold spots, while a diluted half vinegar/half water solution can be used for lighter moldy areas. Vinegar is a good solution for mold on any type of surface, including carpeting and wood.
The mold remediation industry is not well regulated in most states. Therefore, it is very easy for a customer to be taken advantage of. If you do need a professional remediation, do your homework and protect yourself.
You need to completely fix any water leaks, enable better ventilation where humidity is high and/or address any HVAC system problems. You can also purchase a dehumidifier for any areas that tend to be too humid. Exhaust fans are in kitchens and bathrooms for good reason. Make sure you use them to get moisture out of these prime mold areas.
A comprehensive outline of information here! It is a little scary how many people are not educated about this and end up living with and breathing these toxic spores. Your site is a fantastic resource! Thanks for posting!
NOSING AROUND: The spindly orange vine known as dodder (Cuscuta pentagona) is a parasitic plant. Time-lapse video reveals that a dodder seedling twirls through the air, sniffing volatile chemicals released by neighboring plants in search of a suitable host. When it finds one, dodder entwines its victim and inserts nozzles into the host’s stem, siphoning of vital nutrients. Silvae, Wikimedia Commons

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A better method of initially screening a building for mold is the ERMI test. ERMI stands for Environmental Relative Moldiness Index. It utilizes quantitative polymerase chain reaction (MSQPCR) technology to identify mold in dust that has settled in buildings.
I certainly know that CIRS can be a difficult and problematic issue for some (since one of my family members tested positive for a mold mycotoxin that RealTime Labs tests for). However, I have a question that perhaps Dr. Kresser can answer. On other websites, I’ve read that Dr. Shoemaker compared haplotypes (i.e. one’s genetics) in this country to worldwide population frequencies. And, I’ve seen it written that via his method, that 90% of the United States population would end up with having genes that are of the mold susceptible type.

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  1. The most infamous species, S. chartarum (previously known as S. atra) and S. chlorohalonata, are known as “black mold” or “toxic black mold” in the U.S., and are frequently associated with poor indoor air quality that arises after fungal growth on water-damaged building materials.[5] According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “The term ‘toxic mold’ is not accurate. While certain molds are toxigenic, meaning they can produce toxins (specifically mycotoxins), the molds themselves are not toxic, or poisonous. Hazards presented by molds that may produce mycotoxins should be considered the same as other common molds which can grow in your house.”[6]
    Almost every home gets mold infestations. The trick is to mold remediation is to get to them before they get big and harm both you and your home. In this article, you’ll learn about mold remediation and how to get rid of mold, how to get rid of black mold and what kills mold. We’ll show you how to identify mold, how to eliminate the small infestations as well as the big ones that have gotten out of hand and how to clean mold. We’ll also answer the question: Does bleach kill mold.
    If you have an area of black mold that is more than 10 square feet, consult the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guide titled “Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings.” This document also applies to other building types.
    Once a person is no longer around toxic black mold most of their symptoms should gradually decrease. Some of the health problems caused by toxic black mold are permanent though. For example, after a person has lived with toxic black mold their immune system won’t be as strong as it used to be and they’ll be more sensitive to mold and mycotoxins in the future.

  2. I think rubber should be banned from the home. On my razor handle, they use rubber; it now has mold. Modern shower heads use rubber in the holes. I wanted to buy a new blender; I noticed with glass blenders, they tend to have rubber. I suspect in many places, the rubber is often black.
    Thanks for the coverage of this! I’m lucky enough to have a regular primary care doc that knows about mold illness but isn’t a certified mold doctor. Is there a resource that I can bring to her that shows exactly how to test for all of the CIRS biomarkers? It would help a lot to get preliminary testing done with a DR that’s covered by insurance in order to figure out whether or not it’s necessary to go to a certified mold DR.
    Hi Karen……google “paradigm change me, what do I do with my stuff”. This is a very good artical that explains what you should throw out and WHY in detail. I have found it to be very helpful. This isn’t an easy thing to do…dealing with all the loose we all have to deal with but if we want to get better we have to make hard decisions.
    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I am so grateful you wrote this article and that you interviewed Dr. Shoemaker! I’m waiting for my CIRS tests to come back and I can’t wait to move forward toward healing! I’ve been very sick for 12 years and I am just feeling for the first time this may be a huge part of the illnesses I’ve been dealing with. Keep it up, Chris! Your work is so incredibly helpful!!!!
    It is possible to reduce your sensitivity with treatment, yes. I suggest you read up on Shoemaker’s work. The VIP spray can help with this. Also mold avoidance is important, eventually you will probably be able to recognize bad environments. It’s hard to raise MSH though.
    If you have a high concentration of mold, you may smell it. If you detect the typical musty odor, check for mold on damp carpets, damp walls, damp crawlspaces and wet wood under your floors, wet roof sheathing and other damp areas. Clean up these infestations right away before they get worse, and see the following photos for prevention measures on how to remove mold.
    Before the renovation, the fourteen hospital employees developed respiratory health problems related to mold. All previously had been healthy. Four of them developed occupational asthma. One of these employees also developed pneumonia. He had a series of respiratory issues, fevers, and infections which recurred whenever he was assigned to work in this building but improved whenever he was transferred elsewhere.
    The word “rash” means an outbreak of red bumps on the body. The way people use this term, “a rash” can refer to many different skin conditions. The most common of these are scaly patches of skin and red, itchy bumps or patches all over the place.
    Many people are diagnosed and treated for allergies by their primary care physicians. However, depending on the severity of your allergies, your primary care doctor may refer you to a doctor who specializes in treating allergies.

  3. Besides considering your signs and symptoms, your doctor may want to conduct a physical examination to identify or exclude other medical problems. He or she may also recommend one or more tests to see if you have an allergy that can be identified. These include:
    Molds are Part of the Natural Environment Outdoors, molds play a part in nature by breaking down dead organic matter, such as fallen leaves and dead trees, but indoors, mold growth should be avoided.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent home improvement and repair website. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided “AS IS.” Website operating problems contact [email protected] Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be submitted to our “ Community Forums”. Copyright© 1995-2018 Inc. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here.
    Some common health concerns associated with black mold could include hay fever-like symptoms for some. Others could experience more advanced upper respiratory challenges (asthma, ear infections, chronic fatigue and even kidney failure in extreme mold exposure cases). The very young and the elderly with weakened or undeveloped immune systems could also be at risk when exposed to higher levels of mold spores.
    Molds also emit volatile chemicals that some experts believe could affect the human nervous system. Among them is Joan Bennett, a distinguished professor of plant biology and pathology at Rutgers University, who has devoted her career to the study of fungal toxins. She was living in New Orleans during the storm, and she recalls that while some health experts were worried about heavy-metal poisoning or cholera, she was worried about fungus.

  4. Step 6: Switch to the full strength 27% solution after the first couple of hours. Spray this strong cleaner as before, just be extra careful not to get any on your skin. It will burn like crazy! Don’t let the 27% peroxide run down your gloves onto your skin. For any skin contact, immediately flush with lots of clean water. Use the 27% peroxide spray for a full day. I allowed 48 hours for the full treatment of bad black stains.
    Use soap and a sponge to clean away visible mold. If the moldy area is dry, lightly mist enough water to dampen the area. Dry mold becomes airborne very easily and dampening the mold lessens the possibility of spores drifting.
    This may seem like scientific hair-splitting to an average person who simply wants to live and work in nuisance-free environments. Whether or not scientists agree on the cause of illnesses that might occur in damp places, or even the definition of dampness, there are abundant reasons to keep indoor environments clean and dry. This process begins with determining the source(s) of excess moisture, taking necessary steps to eliminate those sources, getting rid of mold that may already be in place, and keeping the area dry afterwards to minimize the potential for further growth of mold.
    Hydrogen Peroxide – Mix 1 part 20% hydrogen peroxide with 4 parts water to create a solution. This should only be used on organic fabrics (cotton, linen, etc.) that aren’t flame-resistant or don’t have easy-care finishes.
    United States. United States Department of Agriculture. “Molds On Food: Are They Dangerous?” Aug. 22, 2013. <>.

  5. Diagnosing and treating CIRS is not a “DIY proposition,” as it involves a lot of nuance and complexity that isn’t always apparent to clinicians and patients that are new to the condition. For example, C4a has to be run through Quest Diagnostics and then sent out to a specialized lab called National Jewish Laboratories in order to get an accurate result. I can’t tell you how many times patients have come to me with a C4a result run through Labcorp or another lab. It’s painful to have to tell them that we need to run these (sometimes expensive) labs again because they weren’t done properly in the first place.
    Mold growth in buildings can lead to a variety of health problems as microscopic airborne reproductive spores, analogous to tree pollen, are inhaled by building occupants. High quantities of indoor airborne spores as compared to exterior conditions are strongly suggestive of indoor mold growth.[20] Determination of airborne spore counts is accomplished by way of an air sample, in which a specialized pump with a know flow rate is operated for a known period of time. Conducive to scientific methodology air samples should be drawn from the affected area, a control area, and the exterior.
    Borax is a popular chemical used in many household products such as fungicides, herbicides and as a household cleaner. It deodorizes, cleans and disinfects – making it a really good choice to help fight off and kill black mold.
    Hi, I lived in orange county and Black toxic mold destroyed my entire life. Even till this day. I only live in the house with major black toxic mold(which all looked perfect because there was new carpet, new everything. But it has brought my life down. and nobody has any clue the amount of money it will take to combat this problem for the rest of my life. I need help. I’m facing the landlord soon in court. n I can not have kids due to this, I lost everything i own. I am also disabled. what do I do???
    Some people are sensitive to molds. For these people, exposure to molds can lead to symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin. Some people, such as those with allergies to molds or with asthma, may have more intense reactions. Severe reactions may occur among workers exposed to large amounts of molds in occupational settings, such as farmers working around moldy hay. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath.
    I have a doctor out of Michigan who I’ve been working with for several years… I’ve been diagnosed with Fybro for many years but recently took a big decline. She immediately tested me for Lyme (the gold standard test level) and Mold. Sure enough I tested positive for two types of mold and are now in the process of taking two over the counter items (for 6 months) to rid my system.
    You can also use vinegar with hydrogen peroxide during the cleaning to more effectively remove the mold. Afterwards store the spray bottle in a dark place since light diminishes hydrogen peroxide’s effectiveness.
    Park and colleagues reported an increase in new-onset asthma among employees working in a water-damaged office building. There was a correlation between the onset of asthma and mold levels in the building’s dust.13
    I live in an apartment complex with mold issues on the outside walls. I live in Oregon so there is a lot of moisture. It is mainly in the bottom corner of the outside wall and wall we share with our neighbor. We have cleaned it several times but it just keeps returning. Please help!
    You can minimize exposure in the home by using green cleaning methods. To protect woolens from pests, wash items and let them dry in the sun (which also helps get rid of mothball odor) before storing them with cedar chip sachets. Read labels before purchasing and avoid buying items that contain phthalates and PBDEs.

  6. POWER PLANT: If you look closely at the inner pink lobes of the Venus flytrap’s (Dionaea muscipula) trap, you will see several hairs. The trap shuts when an insect touches two or more of these hairs – or the same hair more than once – within a 30-second window. Tripping the hairs triggers an electrical impulse that propagates through the carnivorous plant’s modified leaves, opening pores in cells walls so that water rushes in and snaps the trap shut. Scientists can also force the trap to close by applying an electric current to its lobes. Tristan Gillingwater, Wikimedia Commons
    If you think you might have toxic black mold in your home but haven’t found the toxic black mold colony then you may want to have a toxic black mold inspection performed. Some reasons to think you could have a toxic black mold problem are described in the next section.
    Jump up ^ Empting, L. D. (2009). “Neurologic and neuropsychiatric syndrome features of mold and mycotoxin exposure”. Toxicology and Industrial Health. 25 (9–10): 577–81. doi:10.1177/0748233709348393. PMID 19854819.
    If the area to be cleaned is more than 10 square feet, consult the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guide titled Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings. Although focused on schools and commercial buildings, this document also applies to other building types. You can get it by going to the EPA web site at
    I was reading this article and intrigued by the air filter mentions: you said they were pricey, and pricey indeed: I looked up the items and from what you said it appears you have invested at least $4000 in air filtration/sanitizers in your own home, which is, as you say, worth it. I believe it is for you and your family.
    The antibody test for the 3 year exposure to Stachybotrus came back negative. Is that normal? I do not know which particular antibody test she did. Does this mean it is accurate? and all my symptoms are probably MS?
    “Adverse Human Health Effects Associated With Molds in the Indoor Environment.” American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Feb. 24, 2011. <>.
    Thank you Chris for all your great articles! I just have one question: Under bioxin’s found in water damaged buildings you mentioned Beta-glucan. My understanding of beta glucan is found in mushrooms which works as a immune modulator and is suppose to be good for our health. Does this mean anyone suffering from toxic mold issues should not consume mushrooms and/or mushroom supplements?

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